Information Assurance

iStock 000016645739XSmallAll organizations of any size or operating purpose has an immediate and ongoing need for the application of IA. The need to protect information comes from many requirements to include Federal and legal obligations for privacy, contractual obligations to protect important information, financial liability and protection of critical assets.  The need is not uniform , because the risk to exposure is not uniform. The implementation strategy requires the consideration of People, Processes, Technology, and the organizations mission.

The results of many surveys have clearly articulated that the stakes involved in Information Assurance have risen. Your organization is vulnerable to numerous attacks from many different sources and the results can be devastating in terms of lost assets, compromised customer data, and inability to continue business operations. TCAssociates can be your single source to develop, implement and evaluate IA policies, strategies, architectures and solutions to mitigate your risks.  From planning for and implementing the protection mechanisms, to detecting and reacting to possible and /or exploited  ulnerabilities, TCAssociates has the expertise to keep your enterprise secure.

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