Health Staffing & Coding Services

iStock 000018693985MediumTCAssociates is a collaborative team of seasoned hospital executives who provide revenue cycle services, staffing, and other IT medical services to the Department of Defense, the Veterans Administration other health care organizations.  Health care management focuses on people and organizational culture to stimulate and nurture the sharing and use of health care experience; on processes or methods to find, create, capture and share knowledge; and on technology to store and make this knowledge accessible and to allow people to work together without being together.   Our efficiencies occur because we have over 20 years of federal healthcare management support, we are experienced hospital administrators, experienced coders and auditors, experienced healthcare billers and collectors with the right people at the right time.  Healthcare management is the conscious strategy of putting knowledge into action as a means to increase organizational performance. 

TCAssociates also provides healthcare IT services and solutions, the means for people to organize, store and access explicit information.  It also provides the means for people to directly share their tacit knowledge without being face to face.  Technology produces value when it increases the accessibility of knowledge, reduces the time and effort of employees to record and keep it current and facilitate interaction with citizens, customers, suppliers, partners and each other.  

Coding Services

iStock 000018362580XSmallTCAssociates managers and coders are hand selected to become an integral part of the Military Treatment Facility, Hospital or Healthcare facility.  We bring exceptional experience and value to your project.  We believe we can provide the best solution for your facility in compairison to our competitors.  With our remote coding proprietary software (VCRX4), we are well equipped to hit the ground running with no delays.  Our health information management specific capabilities and experience places us in an ideal position to achieve success.  With the core team already in place, we will focus on effective performance improvement immediately upon contract award.  Our proposed team and staffing plan satisfy both of these objectives, as we retain a core of current remote coders.

Our approach ensures that onsite and remote medical coding services will be consolidated effectively under our team.  The team consists of:

  • Contract Manager,
  • Has the corporate structure in place to manage your contract.
  • Focuses on customer satisfaction based on combining highly skilled staff with mature processes that mitigate project risks.
  • Provides a winning blend of management, leadership, technical skills and relevant experience.
  • Has integrated project management principles into all aspects of the proposal to provide you with a tested and proven method to accomplish its onsite and remote medical coding mission.

Key Management Personnel

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The TCAssociates management team supporting your effort has over 70 years of cumulative contract, staffing, financial and human resources management expertise.  Our combination of industry and subject matter knowledge assures your facility that we will maintain an effective contracting relationship with the right organizational structure.  

Our experience is directly relevant to the requirements articulated by your facility, because we have successfully provided program management, coding, auditing and training to all branches of service and the Veteran’s Administration.  TCAssociates hand selects and retains the most qualified and certified personnel possible, as demonstrated by the fact that we have one of the lowest attrition rates and highest employee satisfaction metrics of any company providing coders, auditors and trainers to military and federal government agency customers.

Our seasoned professionals are confident in handling all staffing matters. We have a reputation of ensuring that all procedures are understood and enforced. TCAssociates will monitor the required performance metrics closely so that any operational issues will quickly be identified and addressed. We will consult with the appointed individuals to determine the best course of action to correct any problems that may arise.  We will ensure/ guarantee that all corrective actions comply with contract policies.

Our Contract Manager will meet with the contracting representative regularly/as requested to discuss issues or concerns and devise solutions. Exceptional service to our client is our primary goal; we welcome all input on our performance. To demonstrate this commitment, personnel from the CEO to the contract PM are available by cell phone and Blackberry, 24/7.

Our Highly Skilled Professionals

We differentiate ourselves by first listening to our client during initial interviews and the contract kick-off meeting.  Our team spends time to understand the needs, priorities and interests and then we develop a plan to respond to the requirements. We are attentive to your concerns and draw from our wealth of talent and program management to deliver the right solution at the right time in a RESPONSIVE manner.  Our professionals are well versed in the industry standards and leading methodologies, employing practices, software tools and metrics which will help to achieve the goals of the mission with a low risk.  Our dedicated team of individuals has an average of 10 years experience to include some of the certifications noted below:

  • Certified Professional Coders (CPC), American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)
  • Certified Coding Specialist- Physician Based, (CCS-P), American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
  • Certified Medical Coder (CMC), Practice Management Institute (PMI)
  • Certified Coding Specialist (Hospital) CCS, American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
  • Certified Professional Coder Hospital (CPC-H), American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)

Our Certified Medical Coders provides medical record coding, auditing, coder/coaching, feedback, reporting, educational and related medical record document/documentation services, With remote coding capabilities, we effectively support medical record coding and the data quality mission  Certified Medical Coders assign diagnosis and procedure codes, along with the applicable information required by the facility systems/software, for Inpatient Treatment Records (ITR), Inpatient Professional Service Rounds (IBWA), Ambulatory Procedure Visits (APV) and Outpatient Clinical Data/Records (ER, OP, etc).  Our Certified Coders experience accessing multiple systems, example: ESSENTRIS, AHLTA, Coding Compliance Editor (CCE), Composite Health Care System (CHCS) and all other necessary non-electronic, hardcopy files needed for coding accurately; then, they complete each ITR record in the Encoder Grouper.  Our coders meet or exceed a 97% accuracy requirement for all coding services. Errors are corrected within 48 hours of identification, assuring 100% coding accuracy. Coders are provided continual coding education and monthly CEU education. TCAssociates provides data scanning technician services, program management services, document imaging, storage and data warehousing services through the remote proprietary coding system, VirtualCodeRX.

Our Proprietary Tool

iStock 000002086476MediumVirtualCodeRx (VCRx4) establishes a web based computerized patient record online records management solution for coding staff.  This application was developed to improve systems and workflow management–the VCRx4 system provides the MTF COR and Coding Compliance Officer (CCO)/appointed staff with live updates on the completion of coded and “Pended” charts requiring either physician or administrative support.  

VCRx4 is our proprietary software which meets full security requirements required by the DOD and HIPAA.  This software is used daily to meet all coding requirements.  Each coder using VCRX4 must meet all security requirements prior to receiving access, i.e. passwords, briefing on password security and HIPAA requirements.

  1. A scanner onsite scans into a queue all required encounters to be coded for that day, i.e. APV, Inpatient or daily OP visits.  The scanner meets all security requirements and is employed by TM Associates and managed by the TCAssociates Project Manager.
  2. Daily, the Project Manager will distribute work through the VCRx4 system to each coder working on the project that meets all requirements and is cleared by the MTF for employment.  All work received will be completed that day.  The coder will place all codes and reason for the code assignment into the required fields ofVCRx4and, in turn, enter into CHCS or CCE, via a government established VPN.  VPN establishment varies per MTF.
  3. The Project Manager monitors each coder closely with regular Peer audits, coding helpdesk assistance, and 24/7 access to a coding expert for any required assistance.  The only individual(s) that will interact with the MTF will be the Project Management staff.
  4. Daily, weekly, and monthly reports are available on demand from our proprietary software (VCRx4) and access can be given to an identified individual at the MTF that meets all security requirements of the MTF.  
  5. Added Value: If for any reason the codes in your system are overridden, VCRx4 maintains completed coding--a request to reenter can be initiated on a moment’s notice.  The resulting advantage is the encounter never requires recoding so workload is never increased. This incurs no additional expense to your facility.

ADDITIONAL VALUE ADDS, the following are benefits of utilizing this tool:

  • Availability of Patient Information and Acceleration of Coding/TPP Process- accomplished in VirtualCodeRx by creating an electronic coding record that is available to all authorized coders, designated facility staff and support staff on a 24/7/365 basis.
  • Data/Coding Quality Improvement through Use of VirtualCodeRx and Best Practices - staff members have on-line access to existing DOD coding guidelines, as well as a reputable  Encoder software for outpatient coding accuracy. We perform weekly audits on our entire team and verify that all ancillary support tools are being appropriately used.
  • Improved Quality Assurance and Centralized Reporting Capabilities - the VCRx4 system allows not only the facility coders but also TCMP Navy 1 internal auditors and trainers to review charts on a daily basis. The ability to easily audit and provide corrective actions is the key to the success of our QA system.

Added Value: VCRx4 is our proprietary software, which meets full security requirements of the MTF, DoD, and HIPAA

Our Coding Program

We are pleased to offer a one on one coding course in a fashion where the student never has to leave their home to attend.  

You will need a computer to receive powerpoint presentation, however all class work will be completed in the student text and workbook.   You will also need to be able to call into the class by phone for the class lecture and discussion of home work assignments.  All classes are live, meaning you will have an instructor in addition to  other  students whom will also be participating in the class.

Following the 16 – 20 week course you will take the AAPC National Coding Certification test.  Upon successful passing of the exam you will hold a national coding certification.