Engineering, Technology & Security Services (ETSS)

iStock 000018768864XSmallTCAssociates understands that Agencies buy information technology resources (computers and related products and services) to solve mission-critical problems and that investments in information technology (IT) can have a dramatic impact on an organization's performance. Well-managed IT investments that are carefully selected and focused on meeting mission needs can propel an organization forward, dramatically improving performance while reducing costs. Likewise, poor investments, those that are inadequately justified or whose costs, risks, and benefits are poorly managed, can hinder and even restrict an organization's performance.

At TCAssociates, our IT Engineers employ standardized and disciplined processes, such as Internal Network/Systems and Wireless Data Encryption Solutions for the support of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. Additionally, we have demonstrated success with the application of all the skills necessary to perform the tasks indicated in the areas that we support. We have supported a full range of customers from DoD, Federal Agencies, and commercial corporations that have significantly different missions, organizations and business processes.



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  • Operational, Systems And Technical Architecture Development
  • Process Engineering / Re-Engineering
  • Active Directory Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mission and Business Planning (define the need and intended use)
  • Acquisition Planning  

Deployment / Integration / MigrationiStock 000000160340XSmall

  • Integration of Microsoft Products
  • System Migration
  • System Integration

Maintain / Manage

  • Seat Management
  • Help Desk
  • IT Investment Management Planning
  • Performance Metrics     
  • Life Cycle Management     
  • Change Management